Monday, February 8, 2010

Mia's Birthday Party

How is it possible that our baby girl is already 2 years old? These past two years have flown by and we are so lucky to have Mia in our lives! In celebration of these 2 years, we had a party!
We celebrated Mia's birthday party with lots of little kids at Wacky Tacky Wacky Tacky is an indoor play area which is located in an industrial area not far from our home. Inside, the kids can climb, run, jump, slide, and play with foam balls! We had around 15 kids and although we knew all the kids would have fun, the parents (especially the dads) seemed to have at least as much fun as the kids.

After playing for 1 1/2 hours, we moved to the party room where we ate pizza and watched a slide show that the staff had put together from the pictures they took during the party. After this, we all sang "Happy Birthday" and Mia blew out the candle on her cupcake! Mia had SO much fun at her party that she passed out in the car as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot! After the party, we headed back to our house where we had a small gathering of family and friends for dinner. Mia spent a large portion of the evening in her new wagon with her friend Dylan!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's Eve

We were so excited to spend New Year's Eve in San Francisco with our friends Meeko and Emily...we were even more excited that we were able to leave Mia at the beach with Doc and Gram so we could have a night out by ourselves :) Below are some pics from our NYE party!!

A haircut for Mia

Mia got her first major haircut in December! After months of going back and forth on what to do with Mia's growing mullet, we decided to chop off Mia's baby curls! We went to a children's salon called Tangles which is not too far from our house. Although Mia cried throughout the beginning of the haircut, she held very still and calmed down when we gave her a lollipop and let her watch an episode of Dora on our i phone!
Lots of tears
Life's a little better now!

Christmas X 3!!!

Soooooo late on the blog usual we have been really busy and in addition, this month we have been sick too!

Christmas #1

Per our tradition, we celebrated our first Christmas of the year with Papa Peter and Grandma Shelly in Redding. We always LOVE going to Redding, where we can relax and eat lots of Shelly's yummy creations! As soon as Dan got home from work on Friday Dec. 11th, we jumped in the Tahoe and headed north on I-5. We spent Friday through Sunday in Redding and were lucky to be joined by Uncle Kevin/Auntie Michelle/Cousin Kaiya, Auntie Steph/Uncle Dan, and Auntie Shawna/Jeff! Mia truly LOVES spending time with her Aunties and Uncles and enjoys playing with her Cousin Kaiya (as long as Kaiya doesn't try to kidnap Baby Hectorina!).

Mia pushing Baby Hectorina in her new stroller.

Saturday night we spent eating our prime rib Christmas dinner and opening presents! It didn't take Mia long to remember how to open the presents. She was THRILLED to get a new stroller and baby! Per our tradition as well, we headed to the casino after presents...with the exception of Mia's mommy who was WAY too tired to go. Thankfully, Daddy won a little bit of money.

Opening presents with Daddy

Oh, Wow...a new baby!!

We were SO sad to leave the next day, but as you can tell from the pic...Mia was EXHAUSTED!!
Christmas #2....Christmas Eve

Keeping with tradition, we spent Christmas Eve with Gammy and Bill in Discovery Bay. We timed our drive with Mia's nap which was nice because we had a very well rested little girl when we arrived! Joining us for Christmas Eve at Gammy's were Uncle Kevin/Auntie Michelle/Cousin Kaiya and Auntie Steph/Uncle Dan/Cousin Louie Dog. We spent our first Christmas Eve in the new Discovery Bay home. Mia and Kaiya discovered that they LOVED running in circles around the new house. After lots of yummy appetizers, we had nice dinner and delicious desserts! Mia LOVED all the play food she got as well as a cute new outfit and a special new pair of pink Uggs that her Gammy brought her from Australia. Although she loved all the gifts, the highlight of Mia's evening was the bubble gun that Gammy brought from Australia. Mia, Kaiya, and Louie LOVED all the bubbles!
Gammy brought back this super cool bubble gun from Australia

Mia's new tea set

Daddy, Mommy, Mia & Baby Hectorina

Auntie Steph, Uncle Dan, Cousin Louie Dog

Mia feeding baby in her new hat and matching backpack

Christmas #3

We were all so excited to have Uncle Roger/Auntie Mika/Cousins Ellie, Nisa, and Maile with us for Christmas! They arrive on the Wednesday before Christmas and their first stop on their way into town was at John's Incredible Pizza! Although it was a late night for everyone, we were so excited to be able to take all the girls since it is without a doubt their favorite destination! After playing all the games, choosing prizes and eating dessert Ellie and Nisa came back to our house for a sleepover!

Slumber party in Mia's room!

On Christmas Eve, our house was packed! In addition to Ellie and Nisa spending the night, we also had Doc/Gram and Uncle Roger/Auntie Mika/Cousin Maile. After this sleepover, we became more convinced than ever that we NEED a bigger home!

When we awoke Christmas morning, the kids were THRILLED to see that Santa had come!!! Santa brought Mia a new kitchen! She was so excited to be able to cook in her kitchen with all her new food and the pots and pans that Mommy and Daddy bought her. She also loved her new American Girl Doll Bitty Baby that Uncle Mark and Cousin Monte Dog brought her, the baby gear from Doc and Gram, and the horse stable and horses from her Uncle Roger and family!

Mia cooking in her new kitchen

Playing with Doc

After opening presents, we headed to the Great Grandparents house! GG Fay and Boppa Wayne hosted Christmas Dinner for the Thomas family. It was a nice end to a long day to spend time with our extended family. It was funny to see, but the highlight of the entire day were the balloons on rubber bands that came from Auntie Annie/Uncle Doug/Cousins Jeff and Holly! They were so simple, but definitely the hit of the day!!!

Happy Family!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween!!!!!!!

The Alexander Family has continued to be super busy this October! We were so excited to take Mia to the pumpkin patch for the first time. We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch in Wheatland, which is about 20 minutes from our house. It is a large pumpkin patch with farm animals, a hayride, fields and fields of pumpkins and lots of yummy treats!! Mia loved looking at all the animals and mommy was really happy to avoid the petting zoo!! After jumping in the hay, we took the hayride to a field of pumpkins and walked around for a little while before we found our perfect pumpkins! After taking the pumpkins to our car, we had the most amazing apple slushies and bought an apple pie to take home! Mia with the chickens
Jumping in the hay
Running to the pumpkins

Mommy and Mia on the hayride

Mia loved the little green pumpkins!
For Halloween, we drove to Redding to visit Papa Peter and Grandma Shelly. Nobody loves Halloween like Grandma Shelly nor does anyone make such amazing costumes! This year's theme was Wizard of Oz and all of us dressed as different characters. Of course, Mia was a beautiful Dorothy!! Daddy was the tin man and Mommy was the tornado! Mia had so much fun and did such a great job trick or treating! She was so brave as she walked to each door and knocked her tiny little knock. Although she did not say "trick or treat", we were very proud that she instead said "please" and "thank you"!

Helping Grandma pick tomatoes

Reading with Auntie Steph

Playing in the playhouse with Cousin Kaiya

It's Dorothy!!

Mommy the Tornado, Daddy the Tin Man and Mia as Dorothy

Grandma the Good Witch with Dorothy
Dorothy going into her house!

Dorothy with her Auntie Steph (AKA the Wicked Witch as the beginning of the movie)

Papa Peter the Scarecrow with Dorothy and Cousin Kaiya the Wicked Witch


Please and Thank You (AKA Trick or Treat!)

Mia with Auntie Shawna---her Dorothy counterpart!

Reading with Papa

The morning after Halloween bikeride!