Monday, February 8, 2010

Mia's Birthday Party

How is it possible that our baby girl is already 2 years old? These past two years have flown by and we are so lucky to have Mia in our lives! In celebration of these 2 years, we had a party!
We celebrated Mia's birthday party with lots of little kids at Wacky Tacky Wacky Tacky is an indoor play area which is located in an industrial area not far from our home. Inside, the kids can climb, run, jump, slide, and play with foam balls! We had around 15 kids and although we knew all the kids would have fun, the parents (especially the dads) seemed to have at least as much fun as the kids.

After playing for 1 1/2 hours, we moved to the party room where we ate pizza and watched a slide show that the staff had put together from the pictures they took during the party. After this, we all sang "Happy Birthday" and Mia blew out the candle on her cupcake! Mia had SO much fun at her party that she passed out in the car as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot! After the party, we headed back to our house where we had a small gathering of family and friends for dinner. Mia spent a large portion of the evening in her new wagon with her friend Dylan!


jen said...

you did an AMAZING job on her little shirt!!! and such a cute party and celebration :). jack has that wagon, too - it's such a hit!!!!!

so great to see you last week! can we do it again? maybe head to this great place? i think i'd feel more at ease knowing jack wasn't climbing stairs to private group lessons and tossing china in the private dining room. and knowing there won't be any buckets of buttons....

Leslie said...

happy bday, mia! nice shirt...i seem to remember wearing ones just like it....TEN YEARS AGO. they represented diff things though. if i recall correctly, we dressed up as bases for halloween? yup, we were THAT into baseball. yup, that's what it was.